Tile #12...warming another heart

This tile has been found twice; the first recipient emailed us and then placed it in a new spot.  See the first recipient.

Hello –
On Saturday, March 30th, my two running friends and I found your tile #12 at a Starbucks in Charlotte, NC located at the corner of Ardrey Kell and Rea Roads.  We had just finished a run and were surprised to find this tile waiting for us.  Two of us have upcoming travels and will take it with us when we go places.

Attached is a picture of my two children – Andrew (4 yrs old) and Mary (15 months old) – “playing” with the tile.  They are not the type to sit still for a picture.  Andrew says that playing outside in the water warms his heart.  Mary doesn’t talk much but if she did, I suspect she would say that imitating her brother and eating both warm her heart (she’s recovering from a face-first dive into a cement driveway).

Look for tile #12 to make some other travels around the Southern US.

Found it in my mail slot in Fort Mill, SC. Picture #1 in Commerce, GA after a 5Guys lunch.


 Atop Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN.


Tile #50...warming another heart

This tile has been found four times, with the recipients placing the tiles again.  See previous recipients.

To Mrs. Wilkerson's  class,

Tile #50. I found the tile on my desk at work this morning. What a wonderful way to start my day! I have been going through some hard times recently. In the same week my brother passed away, and I found out my mother has cancer. Finding this gift this morning really touched my heart.  This is such an amazing project. So many people showing they care about one another. What warms my heart is my family, wonderful friends, my 3 year old daughter telling me she loves me, and this tile. Thank you to the very special person who sent this tile to me. I cannot wait to pass this tile on to someone special to me, and for them to feel the same way I did when I received it!

Thank you,

Gina Willard

Tiles #12 and #25

Hi There!  My family found two of your classes tiles at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grand Blanc.  My Mom found tile #25 on the counter in the ladies bathroom.  My daughter Hannah (she's 9), found tile #12 on the bench in the entrance way on our way out.  We were having a big family celebration for my neice Niki's birthday.  Well, my daughters and I live in North Carolina. We were visiting the second week of February.   So we thought we'd help your tiles get some miles and we brought them home with us.  I unfortunately forgot all about them until I was cleaning out one of our travel bags.  So this week, I will be placing these tiles somewhere in our city of Charlotte.  I hope some nice people find them and carry your experiment on!  I've attached a picture of our entire family after we found your tiles.
Oh, almost forgot!  Do you want to know what warms my heart? Doing something nice for a friend or family member.  Nothing warms my heart like making someones day a little brighter.

Good Luck!

Tile #50...warming another heart

This tile has been found three times; the first two recipients have placed the tile in new spots.  See previous recipients.
To Mrs. Wilkerson's class,
Heart #50.  I found the tile in my mail box. When I picked it up I instantly got a big smile on my face. I feel truly blessed that someone actually thought of me to share in this experience.  I too like the last recipient of this heart recently lost someone very special to me. I will be passing this heart on to a very special individual that I know can use it as I did.  I am hoping this will help keep their spirits up and to always remember that they are loved and thought about every day and they are never alone.  Thank you for this amazing and wonderful project!
Thank you,

Khristine Bacon 

Tile #27...warming another heart

This tile has been found three times; the first two recipients have placed the tile in new spots.  See previous recipients.

Hello Mrs. Wilkerson's class!!

My name is Lucy and I am a dog.  I found tile #27 while I was out playing in the snow in my back yard!!  Here is a picture of me with the tile!  Something that warms my heart is going to the dog park where I can run around and chase tennis balls!

Thanks for making me the happiest dog in Grand Blanc!!!

Ruff! Ruff!

Tile #95..warming another heart

This tile has been found three times; the first two recipients have placed the tile in new spots.  See previous recipients.

Hi kids,

My name is Terry Cheyney.  I live in Lapeer, Michigan.  It's not too far from where you live in Grand Blanc.  Maybe some of you have even been to Lapeer.

I live with my wife Diane, her mother (Sara) and my two dogs Rocky and Buddy.  How many of you have pets?

I found tile number 95 at a store called The B Hive in Goodrich.  I have a booth there that you and your family are welcome to visit.  The nice lady who owns the store gave the tile to me.

I think the things that warm my heart more than anything are my family, children and pets.

I've been blessed with a wonderful family that I love very much.  Their successes are mine.

Children warm my heart because everything is new to you.  You're eager to learn, and open to new ideas.  You love easily.

I love animals because they don't care if you had a good day or a bad day.  They just love you.

My advice to you is to try new things and find things in life that you enjoy and take the time to enjoy them.  Read more, love your family (they love you very much) and go outside more!

I hope you have as much fun with your project as I have!

Your friend,

Terry Cheyney

Tile #43

I found your tile at Starbucks in Grand Blanc.  I brought it home and shared it with my two children, Asher (age 6) and Ayla (age 3).  Asher thinks it is "super cool" and wants to take it to his school in Hartland, MI to share with his 1st grade class, and Ayla, says "It is beautiful."  Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork and love with us.  Keep working hard for Mrs. Wilkerson and always read, read, read!!