Tile #50...warming another heart

This tile has been found four times, with the recipients placing the tiles again.  See previous recipients.

To Mrs. Wilkerson's  class,

Tile #50. I found the tile on my desk at work this morning. What a wonderful way to start my day! I have been going through some hard times recently. In the same week my brother passed away, and I found out my mother has cancer. Finding this gift this morning really touched my heart.  This is such an amazing project. So many people showing they care about one another. What warms my heart is my family, wonderful friends, my 3 year old daughter telling me she loves me, and this tile. Thank you to the very special person who sent this tile to me. I cannot wait to pass this tile on to someone special to me, and for them to feel the same way I did when I received it!

Thank you,

Gina Willard

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