Tiles #12 and #25

Hi There!  My family found two of your classes tiles at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grand Blanc.  My Mom found tile #25 on the counter in the ladies bathroom.  My daughter Hannah (she's 9), found tile #12 on the bench in the entrance way on our way out.  We were having a big family celebration for my neice Niki's birthday.  Well, my daughters and I live in North Carolina. We were visiting the second week of February.   So we thought we'd help your tiles get some miles and we brought them home with us.  I unfortunately forgot all about them until I was cleaning out one of our travel bags.  So this week, I will be placing these tiles somewhere in our city of Charlotte.  I hope some nice people find them and carry your experiment on!  I've attached a picture of our entire family after we found your tiles.
Oh, almost forgot!  Do you want to know what warms my heart? Doing something nice for a friend or family member.  Nothing warms my heart like making someones day a little brighter.

Good Luck!

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