Tile #95..warming another heart

This tile has been found three times; the first two recipients have placed the tile in new spots.  See previous recipients.

Hi kids,

My name is Terry Cheyney.  I live in Lapeer, Michigan.  It's not too far from where you live in Grand Blanc.  Maybe some of you have even been to Lapeer.

I live with my wife Diane, her mother (Sara) and my two dogs Rocky and Buddy.  How many of you have pets?

I found tile number 95 at a store called The B Hive in Goodrich.  I have a booth there that you and your family are welcome to visit.  The nice lady who owns the store gave the tile to me.

I think the things that warm my heart more than anything are my family, children and pets.

I've been blessed with a wonderful family that I love very much.  Their successes are mine.

Children warm my heart because everything is new to you.  You're eager to learn, and open to new ideas.  You love easily.

I love animals because they don't care if you had a good day or a bad day.  They just love you.

My advice to you is to try new things and find things in life that you enjoy and take the time to enjoy them.  Read more, love your family (they love you very much) and go outside more!

I hope you have as much fun with your project as I have!

Your friend,

Terry Cheyney

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful, heartfelt post. We will try to do all the things you mentioned! Thank you for the great advice!

    The kids were trying to figure out if that was "Rocky" or "Buddy" in the picture with you. :)

    Mrs. Wilkerson