Tile #64...warming for a second time

This tile has been found twice; the first recipient emailed us and then placed it in a new spot. See the first recipient

I found tile #64 in the chip rack at Subway. I was a litle hesitant to pick it up thinking someone had accidentally left it there. I'm glad I did. I've already passed this idea on to one of my favorite local elementary school teachers. She loved the idea. In fact, I think I'll pass the tile on to her and it can move from Grand Blanc to Millington (if that is ok).

Like many others, it warms my heart to know that people are willing to donate their time in placing these tiles for the children in Mrs. Wilkerson's class.  I can only imagine their reactions in seeing where the tiles have popped up.

Also, seeing my husband play with our almost 2 year old son warms my heart on a daily basis.  They are so cute together. This picture is my son's dinosaur that he takes "dinosour steps" with.  He loves running around the house with (or without) the dinosaur and ramming into things or just driving it around.

Thank you for this wonderful project you are doing.

Tile #94...warming for a second time

This tile has been found twice; the first recipient emailed us and then placed it in a new spot. See the first recipient.

We found tile 94 at Faith Lutheran Church. My daughters warm my heart -- this is Anna, who has battled an eating disorder since birth. Her perseverance warms my heart as her mother.

Tile #45...warming for a second time

This tile has been found twice; the first recipient emailed us and then placed it in a new spot. See the first recipient.

Found on Feburary 18th @ 10:15 pm on top of a time clock @ Genesys Regional Medical center.
My dog Brady who greets me every night after work with kisses and love.
(I will pass this tile on and think that your project is very cool.)

Tile #89...warming for a second time

This tile has been found twice; the first recipient emailed us and then put it in a new place. See the first post.

I found tile #89 at the Mcfarlen library. What warms my heart is reading a book and hot chocolate.

Tile #1

I found Tile #1 at Vidcam in our mail chute.  Creative teachers and students who
who find unique learning opportunities warm my heart.  I am passing the tile on to warm someone else's heart!

Tile #2

I received tile #2 by the front door of my Agency.  It warms my heart to know that no matter how bad the news is – there are always good people ready and willing to help and support those in need.

Tile #80

I received tile #80 by the back door of my State Farm Insurance Agency.  It warms my heart to see people volunteering their time, getting involved in their communities, and supporting their local businesses.  I couldn’t be a business owner without the support of the Grand Blanc Community – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Tile #83

Nothing warms our hearts more than a delicious Cup of Starbucks coffee.

Tile #98

We found heart #98 outside our door at Regional Cardiology Associates.  We were so excited to find this beautiful tile on Valentine’s Day!  Our patients’ hearts warm our hearts at Regional Cardiology Associates, and we’re going to share tile #98 with another lucky someone to spread the joy!   Thanks to Mrs. Wilkerson’s class for including us in this heart-warming project!

The Staff of Regional Cardiology Associates

Tile #36

Mrs. Wilkerson and students,

Hello.  My name is Annette Beckman.  I work at Regional Cardiology.  I found tile #36 at the front door of our building on Monday morning.  The doctors I work for are responsible for taking care of patients hearts.  I think that this was a perfect place to leave tile #36. The heart on the tile is beautiful and it made me smile when I saw it. It warms my heart when I can make someone smile.  We work with patients who sometimes don't feel well and it's nice to be able to see them smile.  What a fun project.  I can't wait to read the blog.  I decided to leave the tile at another location.  I'm sure it will make whoever finds it smile too.

Tile #50...warming for a second time

This tile has been found twice. Read the first post here.

To Mrs. Wilkerson's class:

I found the tile at my front doorstep on Valentine's Day. What warmed my heart is that it was perfect for the situation I was going through. In the previous 2 weeks one of my best friends had passed away, My home was broken into, and my oldest child was admitted to the hospital with what we know now is a serious illness. I felt completely lost and forgotten. Then I found the tile. I wondered what it was, then I flipped it over and read it. I got the hugest smile, knowing that someone had thought of me and suddenly I felt so much better. This is a great project, and I chose to keep it going. I will be passing the warm heart on. I have the perfect person in mind.

Thank you,

Tom Dieck

Tile #45

1. Tile number 45 :)
2. In a doctors office
3. My 8 month old son named Lucas warms my heart

Tile #68

The number on the tile is 68. I found the tile in the lobby of Genesys Medical Center, in Grand Blanc, I am a employee in the emergency dept, third shift. What warms my heart is watching my children grow into young adults, watching them become their own person, the process is amazing. I love that I found this tile on Valentine's Day, it made me smile. I would love to keep it, but I am going to leave it for someone else to find and hope it puts a smile on their face and warms their heart like it did for me. Thank you 68.

Tile #70

Dear Mrs. Wilkerson's Class,
We found tile #70 outside of Grand Blanc Florist on Presidents' Day.  It was such a fun filled surprise!  We think your class is so special for spreading warmth throughout Grand Blanc.  What warms our hearts are days off when we can hang out together and make special memories together as a family.
Tile #70 will be tucked away in a new spot to warm another heart!
Brady & Quinn

Tile #23

Mrs. Wilkerson and classroom,
   I noticed tile 23 at the Genesys Athletic Club Banquet Center on a table.  I was going to turn it into lost and found but after reading the heartful message warmed my heart and reminded me of my children when they where in school.  I decided to play along, very nice idea. I will be putting this tile somewhere else in the community for someone else to find and post.  I'm not able to provide a picture at this time and hopefully the next person will be able to provide a photo. 
Randy DeVore

Tile #27 ...warming for a second time

This tile has been found twice- the first recipient emailed us then 
placed it in a new place.  See the first post here.

We found the tile in our mailbox and it was such a pleasant and fun surprise! It warms my heart to know the children are working on a project such as this, and I hope it helps them to realize they can warm the heart of a stranger with a simple gesture! Dustin, pictured with the tile (#27) said his heart is warmed by family and with thoughts of spring when he can sit outside and see the folks he has missed all summer. Thank you to the class of Mrs. Wilkerson for taking the time to bring a smile to the face of their neighbors!

Tile #66

Hi my name is Vicky
1. I found tile #66.
2. I found it at Staples in Grand Blanc.
3. The thing that warms my heart are animals because they have unconditional love for their owners.

Tile #42 ...warming for a second time

This tile has been found twice -- the first recipient emailed us then placed it in a new place. See the first post here.

Dear Mrs. Wilkerson and class...I found my heart tile (#42)  in the Chapel at Genesys Hospital.  My shift just ended and I went to the Chapel to spend some time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and pray...How happy I was to find your heart tile...It truly warmed my heart and made my Valentine's Day! What else warms my heart is being surrounded by my kids, all 5 of them, especially around the dinner table, laughing, sharing and connecting with each one of them.... pure and simple LOVE, that is what life is all about.

Tile #3

WarmHeart #3 was found at Genesys Regional Medical Center in the Atrium. Having my two grandsons attending Reid Elementary is what warms my heart.  They love their school, teachers and friends. I'm thankful  for the wonderful staff who teach and encourage them.

Tile #39

Dear Mrs. Wilkerson's Class - and especially the child who chose me,

Thank you so much for leaving Heart Tile #39 for me at the front door of my needlepoint shop, Homestead Needle Arts at 8185 Holly Road in the Grand Ridge Galleria shopping center.  

First let me say that you have made me feel very welcome here!  Your gesture of leaving the tile as a gift was very heartwarming!

On Valentine's Day I was in the process of getting my shop ready to open as I have moved it from Saginaw Street.  My husband has been helping me by hanging hardware on the walls at the shop.  He found the tile outside the door and thought it was something I had dropped!   I read the back of the tile and found that one of you had included me in your 100 Warm Hearts Project.  Thank you!

The things that I find the most heartwarming in life include my husband, my dog Star (who helps at the shop), my sisters and brothers - I have five siblings! - and my hobbies of which needlepoint is only one.  I like to stitch just about anything, read, knit, bike and fish.  I wish all of you the very best things in life and thank you again for choosing me to participate in your project.
Theresa Swiecicki

Tile #7

We found the #7 tile at the front door of the Comfort Inn! He had a fun day in the pool. Here at the Comfort Inn, we love to see our guests smiling. It really warms our heart! Thank you Mrs. Wilkerson's class! 

Tile #13

Dear Mrs. Wilkerson,
   Thank you so much for leaving #13 tile @ Fitzone.  We found it on our check-in counter so every member also enjoyed it. It truly warmed our hearts to be remembered on Valentines Day! We always warm our hearts with jumping jacks so this was a nice treat :) I'm sorry I can't send a picture of our special #13 tile but we will keep it on our counter for the rest of the month.

Thank you so much!
All the Ladies at Fitzone !

Tile #27

We found tile #27 on our doorstep at Royal Gardens Flowers in Grand Blanc on Valentine's morning 2/14/13. What warms our hearts is seeing the smiles on people faces when they receive a beautiful bouquet letting them know someone is thinking of them! We are hoping our tile travels all over warming many people's hearts participating in this fun project!